Is God Calling Me?

Enter religious life is the best asset to which they can aspire. St. Thomas wrote that "contradicts Christ" who asserts the contrary (derogatChristo) 1, and also adds that it is the same as' "offend Christ" (iniuriamfacitChristo) not wanting to understand that the consecrated life constitutes the highest good.

Even St. John Bosco stated that: "The religious state is a state of sublime and truly angelic" and noted later as a vocation can come only through the grace of God, saying that "those who for love of God and for their eternal salvation feel the desire in the heart to embrace this state of perfection and holiness, they may believe, without any doubt, that this desire comes from heaven, because it is too generous and is far above the feelings of nature. "

The divine vocation pushes the man in search of the assets causing a sublime detachment from earthly ones . When St. Augustine stated that " something very alien to the senses of the flesh is the school in which the Father is heard, and teaches the way to get to the Son. And this does not do it through the ears of the flesh, but through those of the heart " 5 wanted to reiterate that the desire to embrace the consecrated life is so sublime and elevated , which can not be in any way inspired by the devil or the flesh .

It is this certainty ispiratitrice , of the divine nature of vocation, inspired St. Thomas wrote that : "We must obey without a moment's hesitation and without any reason to resist the inner voices with which the Holy Spirit moves the soul " 6.

It is good to keep as rifermineto the words of St. Paul when he said also walk by the Spirit (Gal 5 , 25) so as to consider ourselves as men who are supported by supernatural principles and who allow themselves to move only by the spirit of Jesus Christ , which is the Holy Spirit, in order to realize his call promptly .
"The Lord God has opened my ear, and I did not resist , I have not turned back" ( Is 50 , 5) are the words of Sacred Scripture in mind that all those who hold up thanks to the Spirit of God.

Usually the call of God is inside of God is He , in fact, that moves the deiderio to embrace the consecrated life inspiring souls. Deisderio This is a real divine call , which can not be compared to a normal desire, but goes beyond the nature and for this to be followed immediately. The words of Jesus in the Gospel : "If thou wilt be perfect , go ' , sell what you possess and give to the poor" (Mt 19, 21 ) are valid for all times , as well as true are the words " who has left houses , or brothers ... for my name will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life" ( Mt 19:21 ff.) .

So, even today , everyone must accept that Christ gave to the TIP OF " Giovene rich" as if it came from the same lips of the Lord, and because it is clearly explained by S. Jerome , who says : "Having listened to the judgment of the Lord" if you want to be perfect, ' Sell everything you have and give to the poor and then come and follow me " - put these teachings into practice and following bare naked Cross will go up with more readiness Jacob's Ladder "3. Then you can clearly say that all those who are moved by this board may believe that they have the religious vocation.

These words of Christ are valid for all the counsel of God , " What I tell you , I say to all: Watch ! " (Mk 13 , 37) because all that has been written before us , was written for our education ( Rm 15 , 4). It is wrong to believe that these promises were worth only in those times. That is why the inner call is a real call of God to which we must respond instantly, as if it came from the voice of the Lord.

"Every vocation is a unique act of God "

Even Don Bosco believed that "he who is consecrated to God by the holy vows makes a deal more precious and you like him ," but beyond that warned against the adversities that the incotra called in his vocational discernment. To this end, he writes that "the enemy of our souls , knowing that by doing this a person is detached from slavery, usually agitated his mind with a thousand tricks to push him to stand back and throw it back in the winding paths of the world. "

Precisely for this reason gives the advice to follow the call immediately , because, Don Bosco continues , "The biggest of these deceptions is to let him cast doubt on vocation , followed by discouragement , apathy , and often return to that world that many times had recognized him as a traitor and that, for the love of Jesus Christ , had abandoned " 8.
When the devil understands that a soul escapes him because they began to devote himself entirely to God seeks with all the ways he has available to upset her , insinando doubt with the intent to move it away from the path of the sky.

A vocation is a gift that God freely offers himself and " is placed by nature in the plan of the mystery " 9 , is a mystery of faith and love . This is why our Lord Jesus Christ taught : Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest ! (Mt 9, 38 , Luke 10 , 2).