Have I lost my vocation?

One day, while walking, kneeling Saint Marcellin Champagnat saw one of the most dedicated novices.

- How come? He exclaimed. She punished? What a shame!
The novice bowed his head and said nothing. During recess who succeeded room, the father found himself still with him and hastened to ask:
- Which lack commit?
- Father, I have had the language too long.
- It seems strange that she has been punished only for certain words too.
- The fact is that there were just too many, these words hurt a brother.
- What he said?
- The brother Louis was explaining what it means to miss the call, and came to my mind to say to Tom: " Brother, you have the wrong vocation . " He is very angry and he complained to his brother Luigi, I imposed the punishment as she has seen.
- She had told him to tease him or with a certain malice?
- The father confess, that my words expressed until at one point my judgment and my belief about this brother.
- Worse. It would have been better to listen carefully to his brother Luigi. At least he would understand what it means to miss the call.
The venerable father, who took advantage of every opportunity to educate the brothers, to see that some others had approached and listened to the interview, he added:
- What is wrong vocation?
- It means removing their clothes religious replied one.
- But she does not see the difference between the wrong and the vocation to destroy it? Nevertheless there is a difference and is very large. Wrong vocation, lose, profane, or being unfaithful, are very different things.
- Father, cried the novice, you explain, please, these points because his brother Luigi has not entered into such details, which can not help but be interesting.
- Well! The father said, I will. Therefore careful and remember well what I say.

1) - err vocation

Wrong vocation is to ignore the will of God on their person: ignore the call or not to have an accurate idea of ​​it. In such a situation there are people who, being naturally good and inclined to pity, with aptitude for religious life, they ignore the existence of the community and not have the opportunity or lack the means to embrace this kind of life. For these people, if they are faithful to grace, precise and conduct a pitiful life in the midst of the world will make up the vocation that they could embrace to lack of light and of knowledge.

2) - Losing his vocation

Losing his vocation after they have known rationally and be entered into a community, it means abandoning it before perpetual profession. You lose the vocation for one of these reasons:
The abuse of grace and contempt for their loyalty to the little things.
The disordered passion for the study or for some other purpose whatsoever.
The infringement of the usual rule.
Laziness spiritual exercises of piety.
The violent temptations accompanied by serious and repeated misconduct.
Finally, the discouragement, the most common cause .
To lose one's vocation is simply any one of these causes that if not fought to avoid it, is converted into a suit of venial sins, as happens frequently.
The ruin of a vocation brings with it the most serious consequences:
A wretched life . The person is not where God wants it to be, is a member out of place, suffering and pain throughout the body.
An endless chain of failures. Masillon says: "Everything becomes a temptation or obstacle for anyone who leaves a holy life to which God has called and rushes towards the world: the most innocent pleasures of the stain his heart, the most insignificant objects will be fatal to his innocence, the duties of the easier it will be impossible to fulfill, to lose everything that makes the misuse; Wherever you find the traps into which remain entangled. " Tronson adds: "three fatal consequences following the abandonment of the vocation: the deprivation of many graces, a succession of sins and a passport to hell."
The noise at all impressed. What does it mean for a person to live in a state in which God does not want it? Who resists God can not count on his help more. What will happen to the prophet said: "Unless the Lord builds the house its builders labor in vain" (Ps 126, 1). This individual can be run in any enterprise, is to undertake all and all must fail.
Listen, dear young people, an anecdote that you enjoy it as much, because it reinforces what I have just said and why it occurs in the beloved Madonna. St. Catherine of Sweden , daughter of St. Bridget, suffered violent temptations to abandon the vocation. His mother prayed for her, and the following night, Catherine saw the world wrapped in flames: there she was surrounded by fire on all sides. In this situation, he saw the Madonna and nothing made ​​her falter in asking: "Holy Mother of God, help me." "But how? Said the Lady. Despise the vocation and want to go in the world where there are so many dangers. You agree deliberately launch yourself into the flames of hell, and I ask for help? I do not help those who are just starting to danger. Caterina promised not to indulge the temptation and be faithful to God's call. Immediately, the Madonna put out the fire that threatened to ruin everything.
Saints Bridget and Catherine of Sweden

Therefore, my children, if any of you feel the temptation to abandon their status, remember this example and invoke Mary.
Marist Brother who trust the vocation to divine Mother, do not ever lose it.
Let us now see what it means to desecrate and apostatize vocation .

3) - apostatize vocation

Apostatize is to abandon the vocation now when this is not advice, but of obligation, that is, having made ​​his perpetual profession. Apostatize vocation is to be wrecked on the high seasDesecration of the sacred vocation and compromise agreements with God often brings with it the total ruin of eternal salvation: it is made a shipwreck on the high seas , without the ability to reach the port. It is the universal bankruptcy: the whole economy of salvation, the whole spiritual good fortune goes to the bottom. Apart from these cases of insanity, you never get to this extreme if not for crimes, desecration of the votes and the sacraments, complete forgetfulness of duty, or any serious offense.
There is nothing worse than the religious apostates. St. Augustine says of them: "I never saw men more deeply perverse nor more corrupt than they that become bad in the religious life." According to Bellarmine, they are the ones that are represented by figs that Jeremiah saw, so rotten and full of worms, which caused only see them vomiting. To them Jesus refers when he says, " no one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God "(Lk 9,62) - Saint Thomas Aquinas speaks of them when he says that one of the clearest signs of eternal damnation is the inconstancy in the vocation. Finally, St. Paul refers to loroquando says: For men who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift and have become partakers of the Holy Ghost [5], and have tasted the good word of God and the wonders of the world to come. [ 6] However, if you have fallen, it is impossible - St. Ignatius of Loyolathat is very difficult - renew a second time bringing them to conversion, since their behalf crucify the Son of God and him up to contempt. (Heb 6:4-6) . In fact, the Apostle adds: but if the field bears thorns and thistles, it is worthless and is close to the curse is finally burnt by the fire! (Heb 6:8). Now I understand what he was saying St. Ignatius : "In a professed religious, the temptation against the vocation is the most dangerous." But enough is enough, dear brothers and sisters, with this theme so sad and scary.

4) - Infidelity to the vocation

We conclude what constitutes infidelity to the vocation. Being unfaithful to their vocation means:
Do not get the degree of virtue and perfection to which God calls me not correspond to the grace scared in front of the holy violence, living in a state of habitual cowardly indifference.
Do not scoring all the good that demanded the grace of God, that you could and should have achieved. Each religious overlooking the perfection and study, is more or less unfaithful to their vocation.
These are the disastrous consequences of such disloyalty:
An endless number of small failings, and at times severe.
A restless and unhappy life: it is not self-satisfied, neither of the brothers, or of the same One God is seen devoid of the hundredfold consolation and happiness promised by Jesus Christ.
The danger of losing their vocation and see themselves abandoned by God
A great fear of death, a painful anxiety weight and frightening in this terrible time.
A purgatory long and rigorous.
Here, beloved brothers, the explanation you asked me. May God let you all fully understand, you see the excellence of your vocation and save you faithful to it until death!